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It Takes One to Know One

Second Nature was born out of the need for mental health and wellness services that celebrates all families. It takes one to know one! Anastasia Machan, Second Nature's Centre Director, has a passion for practical, accessible, and individualized care for neurodiverse families like her own. Second Nature's community includes children, youth, and caregivers who are dedicated to the families that the mental health system forgot! 

The Second Nature team is a dedicated group of down-to-earth, passionate practitioners that share share an interest in protecting the mental health and wellness of children, youth, and families. We are here for the biters, we embrace the quirky, and we can keep up with the active! 

We honour all children, youth, and families in all of their messy perfection. 


Meet the Team

Discover our Second Nature crew: a fusion of Therapists, Teachers, Practitioners and Psychotherapists dedicated to comprehensive mental health and wellness. We specialize in neurodiversity, educational guidance, and therapy inspired by nature, aiming to boost individual development and familial well-being. Embark on a path to recovery with us.

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