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Educational Advocacy

Second Nature's Educational Advocacy Services help families navigate the complex educational system while advocating for their children's needs. We provide support in the form of parent consultations, in-classroom observations, school staff consulting, and advocacy services. Please find our packages below. For individualized service and for more information, please book a parent consultation by clicking the button below. 

Laughing Kids

Observation Package


  • 1 hour parent consultant appointment where Anastasia learns about what is happening at school from the parent's perspective. 

  • 3 hour in-classroom observation of the child.

  • 3 hour comprehensive report writing.

  • 1 hour parent consultation regarding report observations and next steps.


The fee for this service, all inclusive, is $1500 + hst/gst. 


Additional Educational Services


IEP Meetings $250/hr

School Staff Consultative Support $250/hr

Parent Consultation Meeting $250/hr

*For individualized services for your family, please contact

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