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ADHD Approved! Kiwi Co. Koala Crate Craft Subscription Review

When I hit a home run with a craft that a) works with short attention spans, b) is virtually indestructible (you know what I’m talking about here), c) allows learning to happen naturally and d) is FUN, you know I have to share it! Note: this is an unsponsored post from one parent of an exceptional child to another.

Recently, we received an amazing gift for Easter: the Koala Crate by Kiwi Co. The Koala Crate is a monthly craft subscription box for children aged two to four that delivers tailored, educational and exceptionally fun crafts right to your door. Inside, you’ll find three amazing craft ideas to engage your little ones plus all of the materials to make them. It really is a win-win! I get to provide my children with high-quality learning opportunities without all of the time spent on set-up and pre-planning and my toddlers and pre-kinders enjoy being able to get creative!

Now, there are many craft and curriculum subscription boxes out there but, guys, I’ve TESTED this one. That’s right, I’ve tested this box for you with a child who is high energy, highly impulsive, highly curious…you get the idea. AND IT WORKED. This craft box has been such a positive addition to our daily curriculum!

I was so impressed with this amazing craft subscription. As soon as I opened it I, no joke, heaved a sigh of relief! Inside, you will find all of the supplies necessary to make three fun and age-appropriate crafts PLUS you will find an accompanying, “Imagine! Magazine” for your children that follows the theme of the month. For example, the theme for our first subscription box was “rainbows”. The "Imagine! Magazine" included so many wonderful lessons, activities and discovery opportunities including a short story, a prism activity that utilizes objects that you can find around the house and a complete supplemental book list to find at your local library! The nerdy, educator in me was seriously excited! For a complete unboxing video, click the link right here.

But, parents, as you are well aware, the true test of the success of a craft when dealing with an exceptional child is whether it holds up, grabs attention and allows for ample learning and fun. I can attest that this box was a total winner! As my daughter napped, my son enjoyed soaking our tote bag, placing it on the baking tray and picking out his favourite colours of tissue paper.

He had a blast watching the tissue paper colours bleed onto the white canvas bag and loved the control he felt when he was able to use the dropper to add little droplets of water to every square. As someone who is passionate about childhood development and psychology, I loved watching him practice his fine motor skills, participate in choice-making and work on his attention span. Bonus: as soon as my child’s attention span was at its peak, the craft was finished and was ready for the drying stage. When the bag was fully dry, my son loved peeling off the tissue paper (that had since turned white) to reveal his beautiful artwork. The bag was ready to tote some special dinosaur friends! Success!

I highly recommend the Koala Crate by Kiwi Co. for children with exceptionalities and for those who are extremely active.

Additionally, parents and guardians can choose from craft boxes designed for all age groups. Kiwi Co.creates educational craft boxes for infants all the way up to teenagers aged sixteen plus! It is so convenient just knowing that these craft boxes will age alongside my children. Parents, guardians and educators of these children will love the opportunity to put set-up work aside in order to relax and watch their children explore, learn and create!

Hurray for Kiwi Co.!


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